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Who is Ronnie Joy?

I know the yearning, frustration and disappointment that comes with midlife dating. After 26 years of marriage, I divorced in 2000.

I knew that I had outgrown this marriage

Several years went by and I gained my single sea legs. I established a sense of who I was. Over time, what I knew for sure–I wanted to meet a wonderful man and I wanted to have a wonderful relationship. But, how was I going to meet this man?

It felt like the twilight zone

Totally naive about dating after all these years, I had some awful dating moments. I’m sure some of you could top mine, but here are two  memorable ones.

I dated a man and was at his condo. We decided to no longer date and explore any kind of relationship. That felt right for me since he’d flirt with waitresses at restaurants (right in front of me!). I said goodbye and left…or so I thought. I walked right into a closet instead of the front door. Not too embarassed…

Another time, I planned on surprising the man I was dating with a birthday cake for his 50th birthday. I contacted his sons to join us in the celebration. That’s when I found out that he was turning 64…

I was on a mission

And I knew I needed dating wisdom. It turns out I also needed life wisdom. After going through some coaching of my own and subsequently becoming a Certified Life Coach, I got clear about what I wanted in life and how I was going to attain it. I realized how important it was to feel happy with myself before I could find true happiness with another. I recognized all of the excuses I had that were holding me back from dating with confidence.

At 52 I took a leap of faith and moved from Connecticut to the San Francisco Bay Area. And I took action. I marketed myself, developing new ways to meet men, both online and ‘in the wild.’ I called it my Personal Dating Game Plan.

Every day I made sure I looked my best as I made myself visible at coffee shops, bookstores, markets and restaurants. I spoke to everyone I encountered, made eye contact and small talk, eventually mentioning that I was looking for someone wonderful. And did they know anyone?

Open to meeting the right man wherever he might show up, I found mine online and married my wonderful husband Jack three years after we met!

Midlife dating for the baby boomer generation can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m here to help! I have strategies that have worked for countless singles.

Having a great relationship instead of a bad one isn’t just the luck of the draw

Couples who have great relationships are always looking for ways to grow and improve their connection. They view things from a growth perspective. Really happy couples see things just a bit differently from unhappy couples. For starters, they enjoy each other’s company more than anyone else’s.

Happy couples don’t mind if they spend more time with their partners than they do their friends and are grateful for every minute they get to spend together. To get to that point in your relationship, you both have to be on the same page of what you like, what you want, and what you need — and to make a conscious decision to improve your relationship, because you want to!

Midlife and Baby Boomers Singles, are you ready to date, find Your Love, and become a Happy Couple?

One of the biggest problems with dating is just being found. Women: how can a man ask you out, if he doesn’t know you exist? Men: are you attracting “interesting” women?

And that’s where I come in… Contact me at 510-336-0904 or schedule a Complimentary Confidence with Dating Phone Session here.

I have offices in Oakland and Lafayette, CA. I also coach remotely on the phone or Skype.

More about Ronnie Joy Krasner, Certified Soul Coach

Clients refer to Ronnie Joy, The Midlife Dating Coach, as their secret weapon for dating, relationships and transformative growth. Her coaching skills bring out their best qualities. Clients have partnered with Ronnie Joy when they want to successfully attract and keep their special someone.  Ronnie Joy holds hands every step of the way! She offers confidential, individual coaching programs and her popular “Have Them at Hello!” “Dating in the Wild” and “Dump the Frump” workshops. As a breast cancer survivor, Ronnie Joy empathetically coaches singles with a breast cancer diagnosis to successfully find and keep their special partner. She gives guidance navigating these relationships.

Founder of The Gratitude Club – Potluck for a Purpose, paying our gratitude forward, Ronnie Joy Krasner, CSC, is a Certified Soul Coach, and received certification from Denise Linn’s Personal Certification in Soul Coaching®. She completed all modalities of coaching training with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

She worked extensively with the Connecticut Director of The Silva Method of Mind Development and Stress Control and completed the Graduate Program. She uses the techniques learned to access intuition, to envision, and to create positive results. Ronnie Joy has worked with the Color Breathwork Method and its use to release emotional blocks. She has studied with Jennifer Allen and her Bone Knowing techniques accessing inner wisdom, using felt-sense art and writing. Ronnie Joy’s mentors include well-known life coaches: Denise Linn, Cheryl Richardson, Martha Beck,  Debbie Ford and Alan Cohen.

Ronnie Joy’s coaching draws upon all of her formal studies, intuitive guidance and spiritual connection. Her biggest strength may come from the fact that Ronnie Joy is herself a baby boomer who found herself over 50, divorced and single, wanting to find a wonderful relationship. Ronnie Joy developed practical tools to successfully transform your dating strategies, relationships and your life.


As a speaker, Ronnie Joy’s fusion of real-life stories and conversational style, connects with her audience at an intimate level. Her co-authored book, Come Out of Hiding and SHINE is an international best seller. Her chapter, Breakdown to Breakthrough, reveals her journey of a shocking discovery of the past and her transcendence to a new way of being.

Speaking photo gold dress Ronnie JoySpeaker at Your Next Event    510-336-0904

I’m available for speaking engagements at events, seminars, workshops or other forums. Popular topics are:

  • “Mistakes Midlife Singles Make with Online Dating Profiles”

  • “Your Personal Dating Game Plan”

  • “Cup of Joy Sisterhood”



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She's Getting Married!!

Hi Ronnie, 

“…Hope all is well with you and that your business and personal life are going well.  And thank you for 'Dating in the Wild!'

I'm excited to tell you that the man I met through the friend, that I invited to the Symphony, has proposed and we are engaged to get married on June 25th!  I have two sons, 20 and 24, and he has a son aged 22. All three are happy for us. My three sisters and two brothers-in-laws are flying out for the wedding. They tell me this is the happiest they've ever seen me in my life!... focusing on myself first made all the difference… it allowed me to relax, and present a happy, confident, strong, and fun side to myself.  

Excerpt from my email to you below from last July:

I spoke with a male friend of mine asking a suggestion of who I might invite to the Symphony last week. He gave me the phone number of his friend who I'd met on a couple of times at gatherings. We had a fantastic evening. He then reciprocated by inviting me to a 3rd of July invite with friends. We shall see where the relationship goes :-)” Carol C.

Loves How I Pretty Up


How much fun it was to have you come over and help me Finally Get Rid of the clothes that don't actually flatter me (I'm not a pack rat, I just didn't honestly have a fashion sense!) - and how empowering it was to go shopping that one time, and now I'm no longer intimidated to go on my own.... But.... I Just Gotta Capture for other doubting folks, this fashion stuff Works from the inside out! I felt different when I started wearing clothes that actually "perked me up!" I was happier, even on the funky, weird-o dates I went on. At least I was happy inside me, which is what counts most of all! And then…I met J. Yup, I was wearing a very adorable short summer dress at the time, Not At All what I would've worn a few months prior!! ;-)
We both knew there was chemistry…We continued to see each other as friends (really! no kissing - can you believe it, at our age?!), and 2 months later, we took it to the next level. And later, J. said to me how much he loved what I wore on our first date, and how beautifully I "pretty up!" (his words for dress up). He so enjoys seeing the fun I have when I put a few extra accessories together (in ways I Never Would've have known before Ronnie Joy!))
- Now, 6 months later, I continue to deepen my awe and appreciation about being "later in life" with this deliciously sweet, tender, present man, who loves how I "pretty up!" ;-)


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